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The agreement

These are the terms and conditions upon which you may use the Mobile Payment Services (as defined herein) provided by MicroPay (U) Ltd (MicroPay) (“Conditions ofUse”) the acceptance of which constitutes a binding contract between yourself and MicroPay. When you register as a Mobile Payment Services Customer by signing the Registration Form annexed hereto you agree to abide by these Conditions of Use. You therefore need to read and fully understand these Conditions of Use and if you do not agree with them, you must not proceed to register for and/or use the Mobile Payment Services.


The following definitions relate to these Conditions of Use:

Account Means your MicroPay Mobile Payment Account, being the record maintained by us of the amount of Mobile Payment from time to time held by you and represented by an equivalent amount of cash held in Escrow by Centenary Rural Development Bank Limited on your behalf.

Agent(s) Means person(s) registered by MicroPay to provide Mobile PaymentServices, details of which may be obtained from MicroPay’s Customer Service Centers.

Agreement Means these Conditions of Use together with the Registration Form.

Charges Means the Tariffs and other charges payable under this Agreement for the Mobile Payment Services.

Mobile Payment Means the electronic money/stock issued by MicroPay and representing an entitlement to an equivalent amount of cash monies held in escrow by Centenary Rural Development Bank in respect of the purchase of such electronic value;

Goods and Services Means such goods and services as may be purchased from Authorised Retailers using the MicroPay Mobile Payment System.

ID Number Means the number associated with the form of identification provided

Mobile Equipment Means your Mobile Phone and SIM Card or other equipment which when used together allows access to Mobile Payment Services and, in each case, is approved for use within the Republic of Uganda by the relevant authority.

Mobile Phone Means your mobile phone handset.

Mobile Payment Retailer Means a seller of Goods and Services who accepts Mobile Payment in payment for Goods and Services.

Mobile Payment Services Means the services provided by MicroPay for the issue and redemption of Mobile Payment and the transfer of Mobile Payment between Customers on the basis of Transfer Instructions including the recording of all Transactions, verifying and confirming all Transactions concluded and updating Customer Account records.

Mobile Payment System or Mobile Payment means the proprietary cellular phone money transfer service which is marketed, managed, and operated exclusively by MicroPay in the Republic of Uganda.

MicroPay Mobile Payment Website Refers to the Mobile Payment section on website address www.micropay.co.ug

Tariff Guide Means a catalogue published for the Tariffs payable for the Mobile Payment Services, as updated from time to time.

Transactions Means any of the transactions specified in Clause 8.5.

Transfer Instructions Means instructions given via SMS for the transfer of Mobile Payment from one Customer to another or any other individual or entity.

User Manual Means a document describing the Mobile Payment System and its use.

You or Your Means the Customer.

Conditions of Use Means these terms and conditions as may be varied by us from time to time.

Balance Means the amount of money from time to time standing to the credit of your Account.

Credit Transaction Means any transaction which results in your Account being credited in Uganda Shillings with e-money as verified by MicroPay Mobile system;

Customer Means you and every other person in whose name an Account for the Mobile Payment Services is registered.

Customer Call Centre Means MicroPay Customer Care Centre situated at Plot 61 Kanjokya Street, Kampala or such number as provided by MicroPay for customer care calls to be handled, or any regional Customer Care Centre

Debit Means the movement of funds out of your Mobile Payment Account.

Debit Transaction Means any transaction which results in a Debit of e-money from your Account as verified by MicroPay payment system.

Designated Payee Means any person (including yourself, another customer, an Agent or Authorised Retailer) who is designated by you by SMS, to be the recipient of Mobile Payment from your Account.

e-money Means monetary value electronically stored, issued against receipt of funds in local currency, accepted as a means of payment by persons other than the issuer and redeemable for cash

Escrow account Means a bank account held by a licensed institution for and on behalf of the participants in mobile money services who have deposited cash in exchange for e-money they receive on their mobile wallet

MSIDN Means the mobile station identification number issued to you with the SIM Card and corresponding identity number and PUK for accessing the MicroPay network

Network Means the Global System for Mobile telecommunication (“GSM”) system operated by authorised telecom companies and covering those areas within the Republic of Uganda as stipulated from time to time by us.

Network Service Provider Means the provider of mobile phone services.

Outlet Operator Means the assistant dealing with you at an Outlet.

Outlet Means any shop, unit or other retail premises operated by an Agent.

Payments Means money paid to an Agent, for the purchase of an equivalent amount of e-money credited to your Account, any such monies thereafter being held in Escrow as specified herein.

Mobile Payment PIN Means your personal identification number being the secret code you choose to access and operate your MicroPay Mobile Payment Account.

Registration Form Means the registration form containing registration details and acceptance of these Conditions of Use by you in the form annexed hereto;

SIM Card Means the subscriber identity module which when used with the appropriate Mobile Equipment enables you to use the Mobile Payment Services.

SMS Means a short message service consisting of a text message transmitted from one Mobile Phone to another.

Tariffs Means actual charges for use of the Mobile Payment Services as published on the MicroPay Uganda Web-Site.

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