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Agency Banking

We provide innovative electronic payment platform designed to enable multiple forms of secure e-payment methods.


MicroPay Money Mobile Agent’s key tasks

  • Register Subscribers for MicroPay Mobile Money

  • Educate Subscribers on MicroPay Mobile Money

  • Deposit cash into Registered Subscribers MicroPay Mobile Money Accounts

  • Process cash Withdrawals for registered MicroPay Mobile Money customers

  • Compliance with MicroPay Mobile Money Regulations & Mobile Money business practices

Standard Requirements

  • Prospective Agent must be a registered as a LIMITED Company that has existed for a period not less than one year.

  • A prospective Agent must have physical permanent or semi-permanent premises from which to operate, Counter Layout.

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

  • Copy of Certified Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Six months Company Bank Statement

  • Photocopy of Valid I.Ds of all Directors (making at least 50%) shareholding.

  • Registered Board OF Directors authorizing to operate Mobile Money Agency Business.

  • Letter of Introduction of appointed handlers from the Director’s

  • Office Telephone Contacts

  • Signed Compliance Agreement

Proposed outlets will be inspected by the MicroPay Representatives prior to commencement of business.

The agent should preferably employ 1 competent staff to manage the day to day operations of the outlet.

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