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  • Easy to use

    With the options of USSD and a mobile application, Micropay offers clients all the conformt one needs in mobile money transactions

  • Secure

    The security of our clients information and money is key and priority. MIcroPay mobile money platform presents app authentication, user alerts and encryption among others to help keep all transations and information secure.

  • Statements

    All transactions by clients are doucumented and can be reproduced when clients check the tranasaction statements.

  • Documentation

    To be enrolled on to the MicroPay platform, one need to register as either an agent or customer . This inforrmation is documented in the KYC process in accordance with the law.

  • Request Money

    With MicroPay, clients are able to send, and recieve money from here anywhere at any time.

  • Convinient

    MicroPay mobile money transactions are not limited to any telecomication network, giving you the convince to pay utiliteis ,buy airtime of any telecom using your single account.

About Us

Who we are

MicroPay is a biometric centric platform that links together Financial Institutions (FIs),
on-line payments, international remittances in the emerging mobile money transfer ecosystem.

The platform acts as an open and neutral intermediary between FIs, customers and no-customers of FIs in the mobile money ecosystem.
The system is independent of Mobile network operators (MNOs) and does not require one to have a phone or use PIN to transact.

Our Mission

“Focus towards transactions and not just lending or borrowing while maintaining a fair return to the shareholders”.

Our Vision

“To become the most successful provider of digital payments and international remittances products in the region”

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership
  • Competence
  • Description

    Micropay Mobile Money

    This application is meant for customers of the Micropay Mobile Money service.

    With this application, customers can securely, simply and conveniently have access to their account, transfer funds, check balance and view statements.

    Customers can also process payment requests and pay their bills.

    Our Benefits

    The given template is armed with the number of settings, so you can easily adapt it.
    Innovative solutions and simple mathematically calculated design make it actual for a long time.



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